What Ever Happened to Great Singing?

The mysteries of the voice have fascinated singers and teachers forever.

Somewhere along the line, the best of what vocal technique achieves for the singer, has been forgotten or been done away with. Our “Jet Age Mentality” does not allow for voices to really mature into the repertoire that is expected from them…

Sing, sing and make money just as fast as you can!
Voices are sold before their time, not properly trained and careers are short lived…so many a beautiful instrument is lost and never comes to full bloom…what a pity!

This book reveals these mysteries again. “Giro Vocal Motion Technique” , the TRUTH of BEL CANTO, how it works, how to get into it, how to sustain it…why it’s so important, how all the sounds are made in the endless loop (giro) and remain in line without falling into the throat and causing the “ballo” (wobble) in the voice…nothing is withheld.

If you are hoarse all the time, if your throat hurts when you sing or even speak, if you have vocal nodules and were told that you need surgery…DO not despair – you need to read this book.

You have to find out how to re-position the voice and reconstruct the instrument… if you are just beginning, all the better. If you are a professional singer, actor, speaker, voice teacher, coach, speech pathologist, if you are an ENT who really wants to help his patients… Please read this book… there is so much that will become clear.

Learn how to create a beautifully tuned, balanced and perfectly vibrating instrument without ever touching the throat, understand that vibration in the voice is natural and must not and cannot be created by the laryngeal vibrato…finally, reach heights that you never dreamed of before and be totally comfortable doing it.

All this and more is waiting for you.

Remember: If you feel your voice, IT’S WRONG!!!


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